community art

divisidero art walk by Austin Sailors

Just finished a successful group show at Comix Experience for the Divisidero Art Walk and had so much fun. My neighborhood was hopping and it was so good to see so many people out enjoying our community and the art we make. 

I'm part of the Graphic-Novel-of-the-Month Club at Comix Experience and love this community of people who come together to appreciate and read great art every month. A while back I had the idea that we should do a collective art show at the comic shop to display new works inspired by the graphic novel selections we read in the club. I started working on plans to build a gallery-panel system to hang art on so we could use the comic shop as our venue (since it's a bookstore there's no wall space to hang anything on). While in the midst of planning this I stopped by the store one night to chat and Brian (the Head Cheese) pointed over to a poster on the wall and said, "have you seen that? Maybe we should do something then?". It was sign for a Divisidero Art Walk - something I've been dying to see but haven't for over a year. MY NEIGHBORHOOD IS DOING AN ART WALK AGAIN! But it was only 3 weeks from the day and nothing was ready for an art show. Nevertheless I was too excited about this event in my hood, so I kicked my ass into high gear and got shit done. I had so much help - my mom's wife, Reda was instrumental in helping me get the panel system up and running, Brian was great, Elle brought wine and snacks, Devika and Emma helped me set everything up and Rufo ran around making everyone feel welcome once the show started.

Overall it was an exhausting but so-worth-it last minute art show and I'm really grateful. Elle contributed some photos, Sienna (Blue Hare Comix) brought some amazing pieces, as did the humble but hella talented Devika Parmar. The panel system stayed standing the entire night, we sold some comics, sold some art and made a ton of new friends.